Who we are  


AFRICA KEY PARTNERS [AKP] is a global consulting firm focused on impact investing in Africa that works alongside purposeful leaders to unlock Africa’s full potential.

Thanks to high-level strategic advice, AFRICA KEY PARTNERS [AKP] promotes Impact Investing in Africa through Market Intelligence [1], Business Matching & Development [2], Executive Search & Development [3].

The [AKP] IMPACT© PLATFORM provides deep insight and unbiased market intelligence to investors and strategy consultants as well as diversified impact-driven opportunities that deliver financial, social and environmental returns in the rapidly growing African market.

Africa Key Partners [AKP] helps purposeful leaders willing to impact Africa, achieve their goals on the continent following sustainable development goals.

We help the world’s leading companies as well as SGBs gain their foothold or grow in Africa. Africa Key Partners[AKP], has a track record of successfully supporting international clients in their African business strategy. Among our clients: General Electric, Tata Communications, Hyundai…

We operate in major markets in Africa including North Africa,  Subsaharian Africa : Morocco, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Benin, Sénégal, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, …. as well as in Eastern and Central Africa.

“Business should be excited about Africa, because it’s the big opportunity at the moment. You see other areas of the world – India, the Chinas are slowing down a little bit, whereas actually there’s a lot of pent-up demand for good, services and infrastructure development in Africa at the moment.”
Rob Daniel